The following features are only available to users subscribed to Dabble Me PRO. You can subscribe for $3/month or $30/year.

How do I add photos to my entry?

When you reply to your Dabble Me email, just attach photos to the email and it'll get saved with your entry. You can also add photos on the website when you edit an entry. You can add up to 5 photos per entry (they will create a collage). Dabble Me supports jpeg, gif, png, and heic/heif (mobile) formats.

How do I edit or delete an entry?

When visiting the entries page, you'll see an icon that looks like     in the top right. Clicking that icon takes you to the edit page. There's a delete button on the right side of the edit page that looks like     in case you'd like to delete your entry.

Can I write entries on the website?

You can write entries on the website for any date. Simply click "WRITE" at the top.

How do I embed songs from Spotify?

Use the "Copy Link" feature in Spotify and paste those links (either dropping in the full URL or as a hyperlink) to your entry and you'll see them embedded right on the web, ready to listen to. Dabble Me will also pull out the artist & song title and send those alongside your entries in your reminder emails. How To Copy Song Link on All Devices »

Can I import from OhLife or any other services?

Yes! Simply visit the Importer.

How do I save a copy of my entries?

You can download a copy of your entries at any time at the bottom of the settings page.

I'm new and didn't get my scheduled email. How come?

Things work differently on your first day. Instead of sending the email at your scheduled time, we send your first email right when you sign up. After your first day though, you'll always get your email according to your settings.

Is there a mobile app?

There is no app for Dabble Me on Google Play or the Apple App Store. The site is built using a mobile-friendly design, so it will look great and function with ease when viewing it in any mobile browser. Also, the primary action in Dabble Me is writing an entry, which is typically done using your phone's email client (, Gmail, etc.).

Are my entries private?

We're trying to keep Dabble Me as similar to a real journal as possible, so there's no way to share your entries (no way to email them, no way to post them to Twitter, no way to post them to Facebook, etc.) and they aren't searchable by search engines. Here's a link to our privacy policy.

Can I reply to an email more than once?

Yes - each reply just gets added to that day's entry.

What are "Inspirations"

Ignore them if you want; they're just little quotes or questions that might inspire you to write. Entries will be tagged with a     in the top left of the entry which you can hover over to show the inspiration that inspired the writing for that specific entry.

Who created this?

This service is created and maintained by Dabble Dev LLC. The founder of Dabble Dev LLC is Paul Arterburn, who is also the Director of Engineering at Unreasonable Group helping entrepreneurs bend history in the right direction. Previously, Paul was the technical co-founder of Brandfolder, a digital asset management platform that some of the biggest brands in the world trust with their brand assets.

I created Dabble Me as a way to remember and reflect on my days in a format that would actually trigger me to write — email. If you're curious, I described why and how I built Dabble Me in a blog post: Increase Your Happiness with Daily Journaling.
–Paul Arterburn, creator of Dabble Me

How can I trust the service?

Dabble Me is run by a solopreneur and a product that you can depend on. It's independent, and profitably funded by its users for over 10 years. No investors. No intent of selling your data by pursuing an exit. I've also open-sourced the code on GitHub, so if you're a Ruby on Rails developer and want to contribute head over to the GitHub repo.

Is this really free?

The basic service is, but you're limited to receiving email prompts every other Sunday. If you want to use Dabble Me more often, you can subscribe for $3/month or $30/year.

If my question wasn't answered here, how can I contact you?

Email is best: [email protected]